Kevin reading a book titled The End of Poverty

Kevin’s Parents died of AIDS. Now 17, he needs to know how to protect himself from the epidemic.

He is told “no matter what, if you find yourself having sex, do not use a condom, but pray to the Lord.”

Like Harry Potter, Kevin is an orphan. But unlike Harry, he is real and has lived alone from age ten in Kisumu, Kenya. Now seventeen, he knows his chances for survival are slim as where he lives forty percent of girls his age are HIV positive. Determined to make a difference, Kevin makes an incredible journey, not only encountering other orphans like himself, elders and the Mayor of his town, but venturing across the land to the halls of power in the capital, challenging top industrialists, religious leaders, and even the Vice President. This is the story of a young man's courage, inspiring others like him to bring about change, set against the background of the AIDS epidemic and the turmoils of Africa.

“A moving and insightful program.”
- Sydney Morning Herald

“As many people as possible should watch it, strapped down A Clockwork Orange-style if necessary. Great stuff.”
- The Australian

“Kevin’s story really does make the staggering global HIV/AIDS figures, and the heartbreak felt by the 15 million AIDS orphans, painfully real.”
- The Age

Produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sundance Channel, Channel 11 Thailand, TG4 Ireland

Festival Screening: Document 4 Human Rights Festival, Finalist for the 2006 ATOM Awards in the “Best Documentary Social & Political Issues”, 2006 DOCNZ International Documentary Film Festival, Global Village Film Festival at the 2006 International AIDS Conference and Northampton International Community Film Festival, Urban Film Series across the USA, Wildsouth Film Festival and Brave Festival, Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children.

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Kevin’s Questions

Kevins Questions“Kevin’s Questions”, by Miles Roston, based on the experiences of Kevin Sumba and Miles from their film Make It Real (to me) as well as their experiences on Miles’ earlier films. The book features a forward by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It is a moving, gripping and at times humorous account of Miles and Kevin’s impact on each others’ lives over six years.

Now on sale in all good bookshops.

Writer & Director
Miles Roston
Veronica Sive
Executive Producer
Pierre Peyrot

Duration 54.15 minutes

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